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About me

Transparency—We communicate clearly and candidly with our clients and each other. We would rather over-communicate than under communicate.


Humility—We show humility in all our interactions. We are open to the possibility that we might be wrong and keep an open mind about things.


Excellence—We continually hone our skills by practice, training, and being willing to adopt better ways of doing something.


Ownership—We take responsibility to make sure things get done. We treat projects as though we were an owner of the business. We understand the impact our work has on our clients and care about success.

Growth—We seek to eliminate waste in our processes and systems. We take time to reflect on our successes and failures and make things better by applying what we learn.


Many of our clients are local to areas between Pittsburg, Kansas, Springfield, Missouri and Joplin, Missouri. But, the majority of our revenue comes from outside Southwest Missouri because we use cloud-software (virtual hosting for QuickBooks) to serve a narrow range of clients in a wide geographic area.

We add the most value when we work with clients that have these traits: 

  • Looks to add a long-term partner with a different point of view to their team, not just get a tax return or bookkeeping done

  • Progressive in their views of technology

  • Looks to grow their business

  • Holds the same values, especially transparency and a growth.

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