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Anchor Anna

Bookkeeping Assistant

Anna received her Bachelor of Science in Communications from Brigham Young University - Idaho in 2008 and learned how to be resourceful and imaginative through her employment experience that ranges from General Manager of a restaurant franchise, Resort Owner, and Director of Marketing Service. Her love for learning processes attracted her to the Accounting realm. Anna likes the idea of being able to follow formulas to find an answer.

Anna is an accomplished artist and enjoys painting, woodworking, and going to craft fairs in her limited spare time when she's not adventuring with her two children. Her latest hobby is playing the ukulele and singing with her 5 year old.

Anna volunteers with her local church as a youth leader organizing monthly activities while participating in the local elementary school PTO.

Anchor Addison


Addison is an intern and bookkeeping assistant. She is currently a Senior at Carthage High School.


After high school Addison is considering on going to Pittsburg State University for their Business program with the hopes of owning her own business in Interior Design. She is from Carthage, Missouri born and raised. She is the oldest of her 2 other siblings. Interesting fact: her siblings and her are all born on the same day just two years apart.

With an entrepreneurial passion, Addison has been a part of Future Business Leaders of America for 4 years and thrives in helping the community minded organization. She encourages other students to develop in establishing their own occupational goals.

Anchor Andrea
Andrea S.png

Client Success Manager

Andrea holds a Bachelor of Arts in English and Masters in Education. As the front line of the company as our Client Success Manager, Andrea understands our customers and ensures they receive the tools and support they need to achieve their accounting goals while helping to build relationships with Accountants and Bookkeepers. 

Some things Andrea finds important to decompress is fitness and art. Specifically, Andrea enjoys the benefits of yoga to ease stress and increase her physical strength. Like fitness, painting helps her lessen the tension of the day and express her creativity and a bit of her soul.

When she can, Andrea also finds time at schools for tutoring.



Brenden is the master of Administration.


Currently working towards an MBA with an emphasis in fantasy football.

Anchor Brenden

Bookkeeping Assistant

Kaitlin is a bookkeeper with a lot of experience.


Kaitlin was born human at a very young age and rose to greatness not much later with her down to earth take on gravity.

Anchor Kaitlin
Anchor Kelton

Bookkeeping Assistant

Kelton is a seasoned Bookkeeping Assistant and a help to anyone that asks and has his QuickBooks Online Certification. As a full time student at Missouri State University, Kelton is a Sophomore and working towards obtaining his Accounting degree.

When he's not busy studying and working, Kelton enjoys going to movies and tv shows like 'Scandal', socializing with friends, and learning new ways accounting pieces effect on another in his free time. 


Bookkeeping Assistant

Tara holds and Associates of Art in Accounting and Business Management. She comes to us as a Bookkeeping Assistant with an extensive background in the field. Tara's experience includes, Bookkeeper for small businesses, a bank teller for Zions Bank, Fraud Prevention Manager at Tempe Schools Credit Union, Manager at Einstein Bagels, and a Household Manager of 20 years. 

Tara enjoys swimming, quilting, and hiking. Tara finds the power of hiking to give her brain and body a much needed relief from the noise of the world. She couldn't find more solitude, beauty, and peacefulness then when she's rekindles that relationship with fresh air.

Anchor Tara
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