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Chief Financial Officer

Financial Statement Analysis, Business Advising

If you have been open for at least two years, have total income of $500,000 or more, and are ready for some more sophisticated financial advice, our Chief Financial Officer Services might be what you need. Our services are grounded in financial analysis, but cover a range of topics including working with bankers, restructuring debt, business growth, metrics for measuring success, change management, leadership, and developing a positive corporate culture. I can help you with these things because I didn't just read about them in a book; I have first-hand executive experience doing these things in the real world. 


In addition to the coaching aspect, our CFO services can include many other accounting services, helping you prevent fraud, create a more efficient accounting team that delivers the information you need, and grow your business.



Preparation and planning with quarterly estimates

  With twenty years of combined experience preparing taxes (and a couple semesters of teaching tax at Missouri Southern State University), we are experts when it comes to taxes. Businesses, individuals, and non-profits are all clients we love to help. Our Tax Package includes quarterly estimates for clients using QuickBooks Online. Whether you have a straightforward return or something more complex, we can help. We also offer Tax Planning sessions to help you maximize your tax savings. The price for this package is dependent on the complexity of your Tax Returns and will be priced for you upfront.


We configure tools, apps, and software

With the Growth Plan we give you an App Guide to create an ecosystem of apps for your business. By adding a Launch Package , WE will set up and configure these tools for you. This package includes 30 days of support from us when you dive in and begin using the software, apps, and other tools we set up for you. This includes answering questions and walking you through basic tasks. The price for this package is dependent on the complexity and number of apps and will be priced for you upfront.

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