top of page is an amazing tool that allows business owners to completely outsource their bill payment process. Use the app to take photos of bills, or set up email rules to automatically forward bills to a designated address. From there, you approve the bill on your app, and we enter it into your accounting system and pay the bill for you. No more hassling with signing checks or mailing them.


The other reason I recommend my clients consider is to reduce the risk of check fraud. In 2009, the Association for Financial Professionals conducted a survey that found that 63% of businesses with less than $1B in revenue were victims of payment fraud, and 91% of that was from check fraud. 


All accounts come with positive pay services as part of our standard fee. There is no extra charge to get the service and we handle all the processes with the bank. Small and mid size businesses get all of the benefits (fraud mitigation) without any of the extra fees or extra processes. Furthermore, when you pay a vendor using, you are never exposing your bank account information to anyone. 

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